Light in Spotlight

Concept design


This project is the result of a collaboration of a design trio: Naked Caves. In this fair we focused on light as the most essential tool for living that is not noticed as it should be. Our motto is therefore something which we call Light in Spotlight. The concept is about honouring the notion of light in its most essential form. We do not want to focus on another light fixture that provides the user with yet another source, but to rather focus upon the light itself. We are designing an object that puts the concept of light in focus. The light is, one can say, for the light.

Object #1 - Lightness

At first glance it might come off as another lamp or light source. But appearances are deceptive. So what is Lightness and why is it important?

Lightness is a conceptual design piece that reflects upon the source of light. Lightness is exactly about that - reflection. Much like the first ancient civilisations that worshiped light. Whether it was the sun, the moon, fire or the stars. The source of light has always intrigued mankind and now we feel it is time to pay it some homage and respect in a rather contemporary piece of design furniture.

As mentioned earlier Lightness almost encourages the viewer or user upon reflection and tranquility. Lightness is about discovering new experiences and emotions. To look on familiarity with a new pair of glasses. Reflection, calmness, emotion and new experiences is what Lightness is about. Take a moment off and discover what the light has to offer.

Object #2 - Basking Light

Following the notion of Light in Spotlight, Basking Light brings a more conscious and self-aware aspect to the concept. Leaned against the window, hanged when needed, used as a torch, this piece of furniture requires the user to act in order to gain. As one positions the light against the window, it absorbs the sunlight and will charge, to later be turned on whenever needed. This creates a totally new ambient environment and puts a focus point to capture one's eyes to think about one of the most important sources of energy on earth. To be resourceful and to create deeper understanding and respect for the light itself. Basking light invites the user to think one step ahead.

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