Hands-on UX design


In 2014, I started to revise a Vision Therapy software that was for Windows OS named “Optosys.” The goal was initially to elevate the interaction, engage the users more and give them a fun time during home session training. During my observations, I found the problem of strabismus and Amblyopia affecting children’s and adults’ lives. Therefore, I decided to give this issue serious thought, and due to the amount of time needed to dedicate to this project I recruited a design master student to work with me on this project. I contributed to the experience design, interaction design, interviews, gamifying training for touch devices like iPad and observed clinical therapies.

In interviews with vision therapists, eye doctors, patients and their families to gather their information, I also observed the interaction between therapist, patient and the software during clinical hours to capture the essential information on non-verbal actions, body postures and reactions. A data pool was created and the desired experience got more clear.

The first phase was designing a wireframe layout using Adobe Illustrator and testing and documenting it. I participated in a workshop for using Unity3D to make interactive designs in which a prototype of one of the exercises was made with the help of the lecturer.

From what was learnt in the UX design phase, the interaction design of the therapy exercises were built during brainstorming sessions. After that, the out-of-box ideas were filtered through limitations and requirements of therapeutic treatments.

Final Product: Software prototype in inVision for iPad 4, Interactive application made by Unity3D

Presented in Tehran University Faculty of Design and Noor Eye Clinic, 2014

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