Hand-on strategic design


Formed in 2010, the craft glass company “Parsian Glass” was looking for a new market segment with higher demand orders and higher profit margins. I co-created a group of designers. We experienced the methods of famous design studios’, Ziba and IDEO. After market research we came up with the idea of entering the Market of Buildings and Living Environments with a new brand. The core idea was mixing craftsmanship as an added-value of the product and industrial production processes to speed up the production. This unique approach was designed to increase profit margins and meet new demands, to beautify living spaces along with focusing on the company's core value. To accomplish this task a product line was designed for the new brand, named Zenoor, and formed to develop on the basis of market needs. A target marketing strategy and a special sample box were also designed to be used in negotiations with architectural firms.

After defining the design brief in two meeting sessions, a design process was formulated. Followed by that, market research started. The results, which were perceptual maps created using the methods of Ziba Design, showed why the company is struggling in the market and what strategy should we design to achieve the goals. I specially contributed to briefing, and synthesizing the datas. The strategy came out of brainstorming sessions.

I created CAD files using Solidworks in order to represent the semi-final result of ideas. This made it easier to decide which designs to use, further develop or reject. These representations accelerated negotiations with the producer and caused the prototyping phase to start sooner than it was planned.

Small pieces of glass were produced in different shapes and colors to be fused. In this phase we started another round of compositing with the available materials: glasses, tapes, glues. etc. Then, a revisioning phase started in order to create the best results in real life situations.

Glass pieces were prototyped to use in Tiles, Wall arts, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, and on Tempered Glasses. In our strategy, crafts were translated into small parts of fused glasses to develop different compositions. Industrialized processes were used to add details in a less costly and faster production method.

For marketing a sample box was designed and prototyped in a way that it is small, light and easy to handle.

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